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Town of Uxbridge Is Being Sued: LAWSUIT Public Records - EXPOSED!


Civil action lawsuit Docket # 10-1398A claims "the Building Department failed to nofity the Fire Department of safety violations and the Fire Department failed to conduct any inspections for code compliance, including failure to revoke permits upon witnessing, blatent code violations." and more!

Agency: UXBRIDGE, Town of

Uxbridge Employee(s) Below:

Building Department: (in general).

Fire Department: Peter Ostroskey (Fire Chief).

Town Manager: Michael Szlosek (Town Manager). Quote: "The Town Manager has failed, refused, and neglected either to acknowledge said Plaintiff's claim in writing within six months after the date upon which it was presented, or to authorize the payment thereof."


{ Version} COURT PUBLIC RECORDS of the LAWSUIT: Trial Court of Massachusetts, Superior Court Department - Worcester County: Docket # 10-1398A seeking $273,000.00. Uxbridge taxpayers being hung out to dry - again.

{ Version} FIRE MARSHAL (non-public, secret version) REPORT - EXPOSED! State report outlines "faults" of the Uxbridge Building Department and Uxbridge Fire Department! How & why the Town of Uxbridge is liable to the Bernat Mill tenants..?..

{ Version} FIRE MARSHAL (this is the public released version) REPORT.


Uxbridge Police Chief Freitas & Massachusetts State Police employees engaged in alleged criminal misconduct from COLLUSION Plot & Alleged CORRUPTION FIASCO - EXPOSED!


Massachusetts State Employee(s) Below:

Certification Unit: Detective Lieutenant Barbara J. Bennett (Commander), Detective Lieutenant John E. Garvin, Trooper Lisa M. Fitzgerald, Trooper Laura J. Rollins & AnnMarie C. LaFauci (administrative assistant).

Division of Standards & Training: Major Francis E. Moore, Jr. (Commander) & Detective Lieutenant David H. Otte (hearing officer).

SYNOPSIS: Uxbridge Police Chief Freitas provided false statements as evidence to certification unit commander Bennett. Bennett made the State Police open to future criminal issues by not verifying a key "Freitas statement" whether it was even true. It turned out to be completely false and even if it was true, it's against Federal law to disclose in a public hearing (which she said the statement) identifying that David White is in the Federal government witness protection program. Years after the 4/28/08 public hearing, Freitas' primary statement spurred off a "MSP -vs- Freitas FIASCO" as State Police employees used Freitas' documented evidence & verbal police testimony (statements) as their evidence in their own hearing against Mr. Chauvin. So State Police now learning (after the fact) they used Freitas' false evidence and commander Bennett stated from her own mouth, in front of all.... "David White is a member of the FBI witness protection program" and she is the sole individual who provided what appeared to be a photo shopped, false photograph of David White. Regardless - Bennett had No authority, under MA or Federal law, to even disclose the name, identity or photograph of another who would be a member of any Federal witness program. The State Police violated protection laws; but the truth is David White was NEVER, Nor part of any Federal program. So Freitas LIED and these State Police employees should - open mouth, insert foot, and be terminated from employment!


{ Version} { Version} April 23, 2008 public hearing report (by Detective Lt. Otte).

State Police records prove to all of us, beyond a reasonable doubt, Detective Lt. Barbara J. Bennett said the following statement, in front of all present, "Specifically, David White, who, according to Chief Freitas, is a convicted felon with a sealed record and is a member of the FBI Witness Protection Program. This information was stated by Chief Freitas to Trooper Fitzgerald during their interview." Chief Freitas provided a false & malicious police statement to Trooper Fitzgerald of the certification unit. State Police officials were stupid enough, believing Freitas, which they themselves should have known the Federal witness protection program is handled by the U.S. Marshals Service, not the F.B.I.. What Otte left out of the State Police public report was after that Bennett said above, she opened a file folder and slammed David White's photograph on the table. The photograph was was of David White's face but had the words "Witness Protection Program" across Mr. White's face. The document was never real or valid, someone in the certification unit created false/fake evidence to try and scare Mr. Chauvin. Mr. Chauvin started laughing at the State Police and replied back, "WOW. Is this guy someone famous?" After the hearing, David White knew he was NEVER in the witness protection program as he would know. So why would any Commander of any MSP unit engage in "unbecoming of an officer" behavior and provide false State Police evidence for a public hearing of a Massachusetts resident? Why would the State Police be so publicly negligent & disingenuous?


{ Version} { Version} MSP Certification Unit & Uxbridge Police Chief Scott J. Freitas COLLUSION FIASCO ! Public Records PROVE "Beyond a Doubt" Uxbridge Police Chief Scott J. Freitas intentionally LIED to Certification Unit Detective Lt. Barbara J. Bennett. Which agency will end up with the public black eye image? ALSO... Evidence against Trooper Lisa M. Fitzgerald who used her PERSONAL e-mail address, to "hide behind MA public record laws" to keep the state police out of trouble, while she conducted Mr. Chauvin's official MA State Police investigation (based upon Chief Scott J. Freitas' documented statements during Fitzgerald's interview) > Let's all be members of the "Let's allegedly fake some MSP evidence!" FBI witness protection program; Lt. Bennett even provided the false photograph!


Additional Massachusetts State Police employees that personally engaged themselves in alleged criminal misconduct by creating & then providing "false & malicious evidence" to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles Boston Office - EXPOSED!


Massachusetts State Employee(s) Below:

State Police RMV Boston Compliance Unit: Trooper Michael L. Ferrari.

State Police Civilian Search & Rescue Administration: retired Trooper Richard Toman & Trooper James S. Nanof.

State Police Communications Section: Charles Blair Sutherland.

State Police Trooper: Trooper Christopher N. Sanchez (B6 Northampton barracks 413-587-5535).

SYNOPSIS-Ferrari: Trooper state employees Trooper Michael L. Ferrari & former Deputy Registrar Catherine A. Keyes COLLUSION Plot attempting to convince Mr. Baril that a "Section 12" {MGL Chapter 123; Section 12} mental health hospitalization is required

SYNOPSIS-Toman & Nanof: The Civilian Search & Rescue Administrator, Trooper Richard Toman, created & submitted a letter as "official State Police evidence" to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, Boston office, hearings department. The actual document below is the original from the RMV public records evidence packet from "RMV -vs- CMPSA" license plate revocation hearing on August 16, 2006; where Trooper Christopher N. Sanchez personally testified that Trooper Richard Toman & Trooper James S. Nanof both personally despised {i.e. to regard as worthless, distasteful} both CMPSA & Mr. Baril personally. In June 2007, during a deceased body recovery search in Spencer, MA., both Trooper Toman & Trooper Nanof verbally assaulted Mr. Baril in front of other law enforcement professionals and private volunteer search & rescue teams.

SYNOPSIS-Sutherland: State Police employee who can't keep himself out of being a liability to the State Police agency.

SYNOPSIS-Sanchez: State Police employee who certainly can't keep himself out of being a liability to the State Police agency.

{ Version} { Version} July 5, 2006 Trooper Michael L. Ferrari's factual evidence of his involvement where he created & submitted an internal State Police memo, (months later when Sanchez needed more false State Police evidence), targeting Mr. Baril. RMV employees had phone called CMPSA to bring a copy of the most recent public charity letter that was needed to come pick up their 4th emergency disaster license plate. The RMV experience turned ugly when Trooper Ferrari verbally threatened Mr. Baril and bullied him to attempt to sign a hand-written document, he drew up on copy paper, verbally stated a "Section 12 hospital exam" WAS required in order for former Deputy Registrar Catherine A. Keyes to give CMPSA their license plate he was there to pick up! Trooper Ferrari had nothing better to do than document this on official State Police letterhead, stating how he himself attempted to "trick" Mr. Baril into a RMV mental illness plot, and his State Police document somehow ended up at Uxbridge District Court to send him to jail! His letter was intentionally maliciously used to convict Mr. Baril of falsified crimes in Uxbridge District Court. Why would Mr. Ferrari, employee of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Police, be so publicly negligent & disingenuous?

{ Version} { Version} May 11, 2006 former Trooper Richard Toman's factual evidence of his falsified MA State Police letter. Why would Mr. Toman & Mr. Nanof, employees of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Police, be so publicly negligent & disingenuous?

{ Version}Charles Blair Sutherland's factual evidence of his falsified MA State Police documents. a) Private e-mail dated August 21, 2002, b) Created & submitted a letter as "official State Police evidence" dated January 29, 2003 to the FCC Federal government and c) Private e-mail dated April 1, 2005 from another State Police employee to Mr. Sutherland. Why would Mr. Sutherland, civilian employee of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Police, be so publicly negligent & disingenuous?

{ Version} { Version} Trooper Christopher Sanchez' factual evidence of his falsified MA State Police letters. Why would State Police allow an out of control employee to do this, be so publicly negligent & disingenuous?


RMV Top Agency's Employee Participation in a Fake Revocation Hearing, including Forgery of RMV Documents. How far would the RMV go to screw Massachusetts individuals? The Truth - EXPOSED!


Massachusetts State Employee(s) Involved:

Legal Department: Deputy General Counsel William E. McVey & Attorney Thomas L. Twomey.

SYNOPSIS-McVey & Twomey: William E. McVey, as one of the top-of-the-line RMV legal employees, public records display a huge vendetta pattern against CMPSA obtaining emergency disaster license plates dating back to 1999 to 2006. Mr. McVey wrote a letter on RMV letterhead dated February 1, 2006 having one certain false statement that then Registrar Anne Collins denied CMPSA's request for an additional disaster license plate, when public records prove he himself denied it and several RMV employees provided blame to Mr. McVey - the puppet master operating the RMV puppet employees. To date, more & more State public records prove the RMV intentionally violated Massachusetts laws, hearing procedures were not followed - the RMV even shredded CMPSA's hearing file documents. The RMV's public goal was intentionally unlawfully revoke CMPSA's license plates including participating with State Police in convicting Mr. Baril criminally; sending him to jail - no more fancy red license plates. But RMV legal with Trooper Christopher N. Sanchez COLLUSION plot failed when Sanchez posted on a public web site, username "USMCTrooper" in 2006, he was in "partnership with the Chief of RMV legal to fuck over CMPSA out of their license plates". CMPSA has dozens & dozens of Massachusetts public records demonstrating the RMV legal department would stop at nothing criminally to send Mr. Baril to jail because CMPSA had 3 disaster license plates! One RMV lie after another, after another! Incompetent or Corrupt RMV employees?

Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles Employee Alleged Corruption plot

relative to the unlawful revocation of CMPSA's emergency disaster license plates!

{ Version} { Version} TRANSCRIPT: Board of Appeals Hearing #1 - February 2009. Mass RMV attorney Thomas L. Twomey makes excuses to the Board: a) RMV is Not prepared for this hearing and b) RMV cannot locate previous hearing documents and c) attorney Thomas Twomey lied under oath claiming he knew nothing about the case - when he knew all about CMPSA's August 2006 hearing! Incompetent or Corrupt?

{ Version} { Version} TRANSCRIPT: Board of Appeals Hearing #2 - April 2009.

{ Version} { Version} EVIDENCE PACKET - RMV: Board of Appeals Hearing #2 - April 2009.

{ Version} { Version} Trooper Christopher N. Sanchez' COLLUSION PLOT with RMV Deputy General Counsel William E. McVey and RMV Attorney Thomas L. Twomey to purposely slander CMPSA & Mr. Baril to other law enforcement police officers so the RMV could have enough evidence to revoke their license plates. A MA State Police employee drums up more public outrage verbally threatening CMPSA staff. Public Documents Exposed !!!


MA Environmental Police Participated in RMV COLLUSION Plot targeting CMPSA & Mr. Baril. Agency documents are among the RMV Boston's public records as well as Uxbridge District Court records. One of their own personnel slanders CMPSA & Mr. Baril on a public web site by posting "Mikey and his whole gang have been emasculated and most have been retrofitted with plastic vaginas." This is our State Agency's behavior towards our own citizens? The Truth - EXPOSED!


Massachusetts State Employee(s) Involved:

Top Level Management: Captain George C. Agganis & Inland Bureau Chief Major John S. Pajak.

Law Enforcement: Officer Robert J. Akin (of Plymouth), Officer David A. Loos & Officer H. William Bill Ramsey (of Warren).

Quincy Police Department: Police Officer Bruce Tait (of Quincy).

SYNOPSIS-In December 2007, Lt. John S. Pajak & Officer David A. Loos observe a CMPSA corporation vehicle driving down a public roadway in Warren. Out of the blue, they use their vehicles, block the road so no one can drive by. Lieutenant Pajak questions the occupants including one "oddball" question why the corporation owned vehicle still has red warning lights? It just so happens that Lt. Pajak's internal documents of what's he thinks of CMPSA & Mr. Baril were in the RMV Boston public records to yank the license plates - how convenient! He then brags, "Ooh too bad you don't have disaster plates anymore, what a shame and starts laughing." He orders Officer Loos to write a traffic citation for using red lights without a permit. The fact was the red lights were never turned on, but Pajak provide a false citation anyhow further proving Environmental Police unprofessional harassment. The citation was intentionally written towards Mr. Baril personally as Pajak ignored writing it to the corporation. East Brookfield District Court found Mr. Baril "not responsible", hence their participating employees made another ass out of themselves - open mouth, insert foot! Why would EPO law enforcement officers be so publicly negligent & disingenuous?

April 20, 2008 Officer Robert J. Akin followed his former co-worker's harassment footsteps and wrote another false traffic citation for the exact same violation - using red lights without a permit. Officer Akin takes his vendetta matter one step further, he writes out a citation without ever performing a motor vehicle stop, so how would he know the driver's license # of the driver without even knowing who was driving? But a citation was written anyhow and handed personally to Mr. Baril 4 hours later. Lastly, Officer Akin takes his vendetta out on CMPSA & Mr. Baril by also posting on the same public web site as Trooper Sanchez & the RMV above issue, username "C73" less than 5 hours after he personally handed Mr. Baril the false & malicious traffic citation. More & more factual evidence of Environmental Police Agency employees being publicly negligent & disingenuous?


MASSACHUSETTS ENVIRONMENTAL POLICE Continual Harassment: Public Documents Exposed !!!

{ Version} { Version} Lt. John S. Pajak contribution of harrassing EPO public records.

{ Version} { Version} TRANSCRIPT: CMVI Hearing - East Brookfield District Court (EPO Attempt # 1).  H. William Bill Ramsey makes a jackass out of himself at a district court recorded public hearing. !   He's testifying as an agent for this State Agency who is supposed to be a "witness" to the traffic citation - and admits at this public hearing he was NOT even present witnessing the citation!  So why would Officer Bill Ramsey send himself (on a day off, in plain clothes) as the agency representative to provide evidence, when he stated under oath he witnessed Nothing because he was never there to begin with.  Officer Bill Ramsey's personal vendetta towards Mr. Baril was that Officer Ramsey  lives at 1341 Coy Hill Rd., less than 5000' from his own driveway where his boss, Lt. John Pajak wrote the citation to Mr. Baril on a public roadway in the Town of Warren.  Sounds like another Massachusetts Environmental Police personal vendetta at Mr. Baril clearly demonstrated by State public records.   So did Officer Bill Ramsey intentionally send himself to this court public hearing solely because he lives there?  State public records conclude H. William Ramsey is just another allegedly highly corrupt State employee along with Lt. John S. Pajak and Captain George C. Agganis.

{ Version} { Version} Unprofessional Police Agency Behavior #1: Environmental Police Officer Robert J. Akin's written complaint that was filed to EPO head management office - Boston. Environmental Police management, including Environmental Police Captain George C. Agganis, failed to investigate, failed to discipline anyone, failed to provide a simple written apology, or respond back to the initial formal written complain. EPO upper level management proved to be a bunch of State Employee cowards that stuck their head in the sand defending their own employee's "unbecoming of an officer" actions. Our taxpayer money well spent on so-called law enforcement management professionals working for Massachusetts citizens & taxpayers.



UPDATES - 2009

Read Every PUBLIC RECORD Here!


"Town of Uxbridge" Public Record Details - The TRUTH Comes Out!

What Every Uxbridge resident DESERVES to know regarding Mr. Michael Baril's Citizen Complaint against Police Chief Scott J. Freitas. Second - Shocking Evidence Against the Board of Selectmen Proving They Deceived Uxbridge Residents!: Public Documents Exposed !!!

{ Version} Uxbridge Police Dept. Response (to public records request): Wed, 9/03/08. Town records prove Chief's allegation of issues in the past relative to misuse of emergency red lights was false. The records prove there were never any violations during the association's existence from January 2000 to December 28, 2005.

{ Version} { Version} Chief Scott J. Freitas' Response (to public records request): Wed, 9/03/08. During executive session, Chief stated he did nothing wrong on behalf of the Town; claiming it was the MA State Police Trooper who revoked CMPSA's emergency disaster license plates. Several Town public records clearly show Chief being the mastermind! Chief Freitas public record e-mail Quote: "Peter Ostroskey, Sgt. Emerick (emergency management) and I sent letters to Trooper Sanchez to assist in his disaster plate revocations.".

{ Version} { Version} Chief Scott J. Freitas' Response (to public records request): Chief provided a FALSE document as an Uxbridge public record, to Mr. Baril, that came only from his office. The forged document was an F.B.I. document specifically related to CMPSA's problems with the MA State Police & the Registry of Motor Vehicles, which Freitas & the Town were currently engaged with! Mr. Baril obtained the "true" documents that were faxed to Chief Freitas. He also faxed his real copies to Trooper Sanchez (while an investigation was in progress) tipping him off & you can see it for yourselves - Town public records don't lie.

{ Version} { Version} Town Manager's Response (to public records request): Judy Stocks (Freitas' personal cheerleader) private e-mail. Ms. Stocks was the former police department secretary who e-mailed town manager Jill R. Myers to help protect Chief Freitas from getting into trouble.

{ Version} { Version} Town Manager's Response (to public records request): Selectmen's private e-mails exposed! Selectmen Potaski posts "SIGH" when informed about Mr. Baril's complaint. Town Manager Jill Myers & Chairman Kuros purposely request executive session. Selectmen Baghdasarian asks what qualifies to have an executive session to begin with? He questions why Kuros talked to town counsel before any BOS discussion ever happened. Final - he asks Kuros "Who are we to "hear complaints or charges.. from? The complainants? Will the persons who are the subjects of the complaints be present? Are we to hear all complaints ...Baril, Chauvin, White? Does anyone know what they are doing?" Folks - the complainants were NEVER invited to tell their side of their own complaint! How can any BOS properly investigate a complaint without having the complainants details first, which you need those details to be able to ask proper questions to the accused! The final result, they never asked investigative questions. What the heck DID they really do? There was NEVER an investigation - that's why!


{ coming soon} { Version} Board of Selectmen's Response (to public records request): Mr. Baril's Citizen Complaint Details:

  1. Selectmen Dismiss Complaints {Courtesy} Selectmen told Newspaper THIS - Wed, 11/26/08.
  2. Typed version with Signatures Selectmen Signed THIS - Executive Session Minutes.

Wait, the above two are fictional stories - what they wanted the public to know. The entire public deserves to know the whole truth like:

  1. REAL TRUTH of the Executive Session Procedures >> Executive Session Minutes - ORIGINAL NOTES <<Read It Publicly Here! Daniel Chauvin's citizen complaint: BOS never conducted a legitimate investigation - Uxbridge Public Records Don't Lie!

{ Version} { Version} Mr. Baril's "Citizen Complaint" Against Chief Freitas (to public records request): The residents of Uxbridge never saw nor heard Mr. Baril's actual formal citizen complaint.


{ Version} Town Manager's Response (to public records request): Tue, 6/09/09. Mr. Baril stated the current town manager Mr. Szlosek, requested he pay the salary to hire a temporary employee to process his public records request dated June 9, 2009. Mr. Baril uncovered a serious issue of hundreds of missing public records in the town manager's office from when Jill Myers left. Filed cabinets were empty and stuff missing, including Mr. Baril's citizens complaint, town counsel monthly bills specifically having charges relating to Mr. Baril (two month's of attorney bills were reported missing & never found). This all relates to when Ms. Myers left, this is when that office allegedly became a mess. Lastly, Mr. Szlosek, during the June 8th Selectmen's meeting complained about "a citizen placing phone calls to Mr. town counsel Patrick Costello asking questions." Mr. Szlosek told Mr. Baril to get answers from Mr. Costello because he had no details on his citizen complaint because the documents were missing when he started with the Town. Lastly - Mr. Baril's attorney wrote a letter in January to town manager Myers of upcoming litigation against the Town for negligence, Ms. Myers instructed town counsel to ignore that letter and she never told the Board of Selectmen she got that letter or it even existed.


UPDATES - 2008:

RECORDS ABOUT CHIEF STILL SOUGHT Telegram Newspaper Article - Tue, 10/28/08.


NEWS MEDIA PRESS RELEASES - Uxbridge Board of Selectmen's Meeting 8/25/08:

{ Version} { Version} News Media Press Release - Packet 1 (Introduction to CMPSA).

{ Version} { Version} News Media Press Release - Packet 2 (Show Cause Hearing # 1 - Wed, 5/10/06).


Partial listing of individuals who Wrote Letters and/or Submitted documents in which Trooper Sanchez used them as primary "Alleged Criminal Evidence":

1. Used to benefit in Charging Mr. Baril, an Uxbridge resident with Serious Criminal Offenses solely because he was President of a local Uxbridge business.

2. Used to benefit in Criminalizing & Slandering CMPSA in the Revocation of License Plates at RMV - Boston hearing.


Individuals Employed by: TOWN OF UXBRIDGE



UPDATES - 2008:


Read Every PUBLIC RECORD Here!




MA State Police 59-Page Police Report submitted by Trooper Sanchez Read It Publicly Here!

ATTEMPT #1: Uxbridge Court #1 - "SHOW CAUSE HEARING" { Version}

ATTEMPT #2: Uxbridge Court #2 - "SHOW CAUSE - APPEAL HEARING" { Version}




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