MASSACHUSETTS CORRUPTION SCANDALS: Involving Massachusetts Public Officials

Massachusetts Public Records released to the general public & news/TV media for public viewing

Truthful Details Exposed, Internal Agency Documents & Actual Decision Letters... Now Exposed!

Massachusetts State Police "PUBLIC RECORDS" Speak for Themselves

"MSP -vs- Freitas FIASCO" EXPOSED !

* MSP Certification Unit & Scott J. Freitas COLLUSION Plot *


Uxbridge Selectmen & Police Chief Freitas LIED during both Executive Sessions! Public Records prove that the Selectmen DECEIVED Residents of Uxbridge!


Commonwealth of Massachusetts PUBLIC RECORDS demonstrates Selectmen LIED to Uxbridge residents & taxpayers during Chief Freitas' so-called "selectmen investigation"!









Below is evidence against Trooper Lisa M. Fitzgerald who used her PERSONAL e-mail address, to "hide behind MA public records laws" to keep the state police out of trouble, while she conducted official MA State Police investigations.

Massachusetts State Police Certification Unit's case flushes down the toilet... Kindly remember public records speak the truth & remember citizens/residents of Massachusetts - that Chief Freitas stated to Trooper Fitzgerald, which in turn Detective Lt. Barbara J. Bennett, Commander of the Certification Unit, stated publicly at Mr. Chauvin's appeal hearing that, "Did you know that your partner, David White, is a member of the FBI witness protection program?"

Incompetent or Corrupt?




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